ComplexCon 2022

The Goonz introduced the Goon World to thousands at ComplexCon 2022 in Long Beach, California.

We debuted our first apparel collection in collaboration with IYK, officially linking the apparel to the blockchain utilizing NFC chip technology. Each IYK-enabled garment comes with its own unique ERC-721 NFT token.

The Lounge was a fully immersive and interactive experience. 

Upon entering, everyone had the chance to mint two event-exclusive digital collectibles by artist Sean Morgan: "Goonz World" (L) and "Daydreaming" (R). Daydreaming was distributed via a "Golden Ticket" style raffle. Goonz simply tapped their phones on an IYK puck, and had a chance to win.



Co-founder Drew Shoup was invited to speak about the importance of community building on the Coinbase "Future Market" panel. He described how the Goonz actively build alongside their community to produce products at the highest level.

On the same weekend, the Goonz were also present at DesignerCon 2022 in Anaheim, California. 

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