DesignerCon 2022

The Goon Gang got close and personal at DesignerCon 2022 in Anaheim, California!

At this designer toys and collectibles convention, Goonz Gear was showcased to thousands of die hard collectors.

The Goonz' community driven slogan was put on full display. Director of marketing, Warren Hosseinion, along with a host of community members from the Goon Gang ran the convention booth over the 3-day long convention.

The IYK-enabled Reaper Tee, a limited run of 50 NFC chipped tees, made its first appearance at this marquee event.

Convention goers had the opportunity to mint an event exclusive digital collectible while browsing the booth by tapping their phone on an IYK puck.

On the same weekend, the Goonz were also present at ComplexCon 2022 in Long Beach, California. 

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