Hot Goon Summer Collection

What's that delicious smelling, sizzling sound? It's the Hot Goon Summer Collection!

Welcome to the Goonz Motel and Lounge. Thank you for choosing to stay with us for your Hot Goon Summer. Our guest shop offers a 14-piece collection ensuring every one of you Goonz gets a piece of the action.

At the Goonz Motel and Lounge, you can join the Smokin' Darts dart league, the only dart league you can join just by owning the shirt that says so. All are welcome, just bring your own darts.. people don't like to share.

Also featured is the Official Goonz Motel and Lounge t-shirt. Come for the pool, stay for the pool. Get it.. cuz it's a pool like for swimming cuz they have a pool there but there's pool floats of pool balls for pool like billiards cuz they also have pool tables.. it's like a double meaning.

Oh, and for our loyal customers and TENGOONs, we've whipped up some exclusive sh*t.

We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you again for choosing the Goonz Motel and Lounge for your Hot Goon Summer! Stay drippy and dry at the same time.