Comic-Con 2023 - Alter Ego Collection w/ Dented Feels

In the heart of San Diego, right across the street from Comic-Con 2023, the Goonz World sprang to life at Off the Bench SD. We ran it back with Dented Feels to present our pop-up shop - a captivating blend of nostalgia and modern streetwear, paying homage to the iconic world of comics and cartoons.

Debuting was the 7-piece Alter Ego Collection, a tribute to the most legendary cartoons, superheroes, and movies from the realm of comics.

A big thank you and shoutout to our sponsors Magic Eden and Jarritos for making this possible.


    Our stint at Comic-Con 2023 was more than just showcasing apparel and art. It was about embracing our past, celebrating our present, and shaping the future of pop culture. Dive into the Goonz World and discover your Alter Ego.


    Comic-Con 2023 Pop Up with Dented Feels, powered by Magic Eden. Shoutout to @JarritosNation for the beverages.

    ♬ original sound - Goonz