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Soccer Goon Tee

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Let's be honest, this shirt fuggin slaps the crap out of any other soccer shirt you've ever seen. I mean think about it.. how many cool soccer shirts have you seen before? Prob like 3 and they're all GOONZ shirts and this one is no different. I don't even have anything else to say about it I mean just look at it.. it's good.. right? TELL ME IT'S GOOD! Sorry for yelling I'm just very passionate about this shirt it's just so dang good and everyone has to agree with me or I will cry. Just get it. Get the shirt. You know you want to anyway. Or don't, whatever, I don't care actually. But you should still get it. Are you still reading this? What are you doing?! Get the shirt! Or don't. But Do. Stop reading this and get it already. Or whatever you want.... Get it

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