• In Over My Head Hoodie (Blue)

In Over My Head Hoodie (Blue)

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That moment when you were a kid and were left home alone for the first time so you decide it's a good idea to just eat all the snacks you can fit into your face just to find out that there's a reason adults warn you about eating too many snacks because you've just eaten so much sugar that you've seen God and all of the mysteries of the universe have been revealed to you but your stupid kid brain can't handle it so you just stare at the wall for 45 minutes until you just pass out and forget everything that happened.

 Fits like:

Cloud guy hoodie from the Melrose pop that has magically vanished from all our files

- Drew

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  • Relaxed fit
  • Mid-weight, 9.4 oz
  • 80% Cotton 20% recycled fleece

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