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GOONZ Mystery Box - Holders Only

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You know you like to live life dangerously. That’s why you saw the words “Mystery Box” and felt overwhelmingly compelled to click the link to have some small hint of an idea of what could be inside. All these questions are now pouring into your inquisitive brain.. “What could it possibly be? Is it worth the risk? Is it some incredibly Gooney and amazing stuff that I don’t want to miss out on?” You’re now realizing there is only one way to truly find the answer to these questions. You are adding the Goonz Mystery Box to the cart before you even finish reading this description cuz it’s a little too long and you don’t like to read. What happens when you receive the glorious mysterious box of wonders? You can’t bring yourself to open it. You leave it sealed because you come to realize it never really mattered what was inside.. You purchased a mystery and as soon as you open the box the mystery is gone. You keep it a mystery forever and pass the box down for generations. You are the one true Master of Mystery.


Items will be chosen randomly from: 

All Collections 

Holders IRL exclusives 

*Minimum of 5 Goonz items in each box.

**Items in box will be above $120 in retail value.


Please allow 7 to 14 days for processing, handling & shipping. In some cases, delays can occur at the warehouse or carrier level that increase that timeframe.

We accept all returns up to 30 days. Exchanges accepted for items of equal value

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