The Dice Club Collection

Cryptoon Goonz presents The Dice Club Collection.

A 10-style assortment of curated pieces depicting the inner high roller in all of us.

The familiar color palette plays on the tones found within a casino, creating bold, new, unique silhouettes. The collection introduces one-of-a-kind designs intertwining our beloved Cryptoon Goonz art with the stylistic essence of our artist.

Imagine stepping foot into your favorite gambling spot. An atmosphere illuminated with bold, rich colored lights, and soft, luxurious fabrics. Your senses are ignited, and you are ready to hit that jackpot. The Dice Club was designed to tap into it all.

Headwear for this collection consists of three pieces that range from bold to more muted tones with fun graphic elements. The lightweight, breathable material is perfect for the summer but also model for an all or nothing game that has you running hot.

The tops bring a new meaning to doubling down. A series of two crew-neck sweatshirts, a lightweight long sleeve t, and three graphic t’s give you effortless set-dressing in a variety of combinations with the other Dice Club pieces.

Rounding out the collection are two sweat-shorts that can be elevated or worn for casual wear. Both lightweight cottons, their simple line-based art brings the soul of a casino to life.

Shoutout to Draft Kings for welcoming us to your Foxwoods Lounge to throw some dice and get some action down.